First Date Ideas

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  • Blondeamericaine ( 50 / W / Goult, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur )

    Let’s do something, build something together -- whether cooking, making furniture, learning an activity. Fencing sounds good. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Pyramidman ( 56 / M / Asheville, NC )

    Our first date, will be what ever my lost love wants it to be and if I know her it will be very interesting and off the chart exciting.

  • Darlingpain ( 52 / W / Nashville, TN )

    Surprise me! I want to see what I could expect the rest of my life.

  • Angelwithdevil ( 26 / W / Prague, Praha, Hlavni Mesto )

    Anything what comes into our mind. I love surprises.

  • YoungNickyT ( 19 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    Lets go to central park , lets watch the views while we talk on our aspirations and dreams over a joint or a cup of wine. It depends on everything lol.

  • GoldenLion1997 ( 20 / W / Gladbeck, Nordrhein-Westfalen )

    A nice candlenight dinner on the beach or just in a simple Little cafe in a warm atmosphär

  • anderson876 ( 25 / W / Spanish Town, Saint Catherine )

    A first date idea....somewhere intimate where we could talk and get to know each other but still with enough effort to let me know you noticed something about me. Eg. I love orchids so if you know I love that flower, an...  read more >>

  • TheFinerThings_ ( 60 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    I'll give you a hint - it involves a plane, the white sand beaches of the Virgin Islands, and a gourmet picnic basket complete with a bottle of vintage Malbec. Or we could go the more traditional route, and enjoy coffee...  read more >>

  • optimistickels ( 24 / W / Derry, NH )

    I'm so open and I'm not picky. I like long nature walks, to cooking, eating out, random adventures... anything! I like to have fun and be active!

  • GigiCast ( 29 / W / Victoria )

    Water, red wine, preferably uninterested Italian waiters if a restaurant (I find it must more enjoyable than dealing with waiters that are over the top)

  • bhanji ( 49 / M / Croydon, England - London )

    I never had dates In my life.,.,., you belive or not is truth ., Because i my life allways i spend with my parents.,., Being single so what happenes will see on time.,.,., But i think have to be very romantic and deep...  read more >>

  • Looker1 ( 45 / M / Edmonton, AB )

    Edmonton has a very beautiful river valley system

  • trinao3232 ( 30 / W / San Francisco, CA )

    Beautiful dinner, dancing, romantic stroll in the park or on the beach By Moonlight.

  • meetinyou ( 55 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Somewhere that we can talk and get to know each other.

  • KIMORA1993 ( 24 / W / Kingston, Saint Andrew )

    If you bring me fries instead of roses, I would be the happiest girl alive

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